INKmune is a biologic delivery system that allows us to deliver the missing S1 (priming signal) to the patient’s resting NK cells.  INKmune is delivered by a simple IV infusion.  Once in the patient, it comes in contact with the patients NK cells and converts them to a unique cell that we call a “primed NK cell” (PiNK).  The interaction of INKmune with a resting NK cell is like an “on-off” switch.  INKmune converts the resting NK cell to a PiNK even if the INKmune is removed.  PiNKs come in contact with the patinet’s cancer cells that are expressing S2 (the triggering signal), they bind to and kill the cancer cell with the “kiss of death”.

INmune Bio has discovered a way to deliver S1 as a simple intravenous infusion. The S1 delivery system is call INKmune™ .  INKmune™ is a patented biologic that is produced by a master cell bank using well established manufacturing techniques.  

Yes, the most commercially effective immunotherapy programs for cancer are focused helping NK cells.  In 2015, Riuximab™ and Herceptin™ are the largest selling immunotherapy drugs in the world.  Both of these drugs are monoclonal antibodies targeting a tumor antigen on the NHL cell (CD20) and breast cancer cell (HER2) respectively.  These therapeutic anti-cancer antibodies do not kill cancer cells on their own, they require NK cells to bind the FC portion of the antibody for effective cancer killing.  Put another way, anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies help NK cells give the kiss of death using a different method than INKmune™, but with the same results.

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