Manuscript highlights the vital role of MDSC in the tumor microenvironment (TME)

LA JOLLA, Calif., December 7, 2018 -- INmune Bio Inc., an immunotherapy company developing treatments to reprogram the innate immune system to fight disease, announced today that Cell’s peer-reviewed Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (TIPS) edition published a report titled “MDSC, the Most Important Cell You Have Never Heard Of”. Authored by Raymond J. Tesi, M.D., CEO at INmune Bio, the paper emphasizes the devious nature of  myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) and their role in enabling cancer to hide from the immune system and immunotherapy. The report was published online today and will be published in the print edition in early 2019.

“I often refer to MDSC as the ‘Queen Bee’ of the tumor microenvironment (TME), as I believe them to be the most important cell in the TME,” said Dr. Tesi. “We believe MDSC are the cornerstone of the immunosuppressive shield that protect a tumor from the patient’s immune system and immunotherapy, allowing the tumor to thrive. We further believe that eliminating MDSC is the first step to successful immunotherapy by enabling the immune system to do its job in the fight against cancer.”

Dr. Tesi’s editorial details the various tactics cancer uses in order to evade the immune system. MDSC in particular, are a critical element in the tumor immune evasion process. Research on MDSC in cancer suggest that MDSC may serve as a biomarker for chronic inflammation, a dysregulated immune response caused by the growing tumor. Immune dysregulation occurs when the patient’s immune system puts an immunosuppressive “shield” around the tumor, effectively protecting it from immunotherapy and the patient’s immune system. Breaching the immunosuppressive TME should help the patient’s immune system kill their tumor.

Earlier this year, INmune Bio initiated a Phase I clinical trial of its leading drug candidate, INB03™, a novel innate immune system checkpoint inhibitor that targets MDSC. By preventing the proliferation and function of MDSC, patients can have a stronger immune response to their tumor and may respond better to other cancer treatments, including other immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors. INB03 can be used on its own or in combination with other therapies.

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INmune Bio, Inc. is a private clinical-stage biotechnology company developing therapies targeting the innate immune system in cancer. INmune Bio is developing two products platforms that reengineer the patient’s innate immune system’s response to their cancer, INKmune™ and INB03. INKmune is an NK cell therapeutic that primes the patient’s NK cells to attack their cancer. INB03 inhibits myeloid derived suppressor cells, which often cause resistance to immunotherapy, such as anti-PD1 checkpoint inhibitors. INmune Bio’s product platforms target residual disease and utilize a precision medicine approach for treatment of a wide variety of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. To learn more, please visit

The development of new immunotherapies is revolutionizing cancer care. INmune Bio is at the forefront of that revolution with novel products that take the brakes off of the most powerful weapon in the fight against cancer: the patient’s immune system.
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