David Szymkowski, PhD

David E. Szymkowski leads the immunology group as Vice President of Cell Biology at Xencor Inc where he is focused on translational development of Fc-engineered and bispecific antibodies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases, and cancer. Prior to joining Xencor in 2002, Dr. Szymkowski was a principal scientist in the respiratory group at Roche Bioscience in Palo Alto, CA. Previously, he was a virology program leader at Roche Pharmaceuticals in the U.K. With 25 years of big pharma and biotech R&D experience at Roche and at Xencor, Dr. Szymkowski has been instrumental in 10 IND submissions, coauthored over forty papers and reviews, is an inventor on over a dozen patents, and speaks frequently on the development of antibody therapeutics and other biologics. Dr. Szymkowski has contributed to the advancement of numerous antibody drugs into clinical trials for lupus, asthma, allergy, and hematological and solid tumors. He received his B.A. at Johns Hopkins University and his Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from Penn State, and completed a postdoc at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (U.K.).

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