Session will focus on emerging targets and therapeutic strategies to address resistance in immunotherapy

LA JOLLA, Calif. (June 7, 2018)INmune Bio, Inc., an immunotherapy company developing treatments to reprogram the patient’s innate immune system to combat cancer, today announces that that its CEO and co-founder, Raymond J. Tesi, M.D., will present at the highly anticipated session on resistance to immunotherapy at the 14th Annual Biomarkers & Immuno-Oncology World Congress on June 13 in Boston.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to present to some of the top researchers and developers in the rapidly changing world of immunotherapy,” said Dr. Tesi. “As we continue to advance the field, it’s critical that we understand that, in many patients, resistance to checkpoint inhibitors is an immunologic problem, not a cancer problem. In many patients, the solution is not better cancer drugs, but thoughtful use of immunological drugs to reengineer of the immune response.”

Dr. Tesi’s presentation is part of the inaugural session of “Intrinsic and Acquired Resistance to Immunotherapy,” which will focus on the mechanisms of resistance, the role of epigenetics and the tumor microenvironment in immune evasion, and the importance of longitudinal tumor sampling to discover biomarkers of response. In this session, experts in the field of immunotherapy will present predictive and therapeutic strategies for overcoming resistance and improving patient outcomes.

To this accord, Dr. Tesi will discuss INB03, a novel innate immune system checkpoint inhibitor that targets myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). The Phase I trial is the first step in developing INB03 as part of combination therapy with currently approved checkpoint inhibitors in patients who are resistant to checkpoint inhibitors with elevated MDSCs in the blood. Increased levels of MDSC in the patient’s blood is one of the best predictors to checkpoint inhibitors.

The Biomarkers and Immuno-Oncology World Congress is Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s longest-running event, dedicated to all areas of biomarker research and development spanning the pharmaceutical and diagnostic pipelines. The meeting brings together an international mix of large and medium pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics companies, leading universities and clinical research institutions, government and national labs, contract research organizations, emerging companies and tool providers.

Details of the presentation are as follows:
Title: Emerging Targets and Therapeutic Strategies to Address Resistance
Session Title: Targeting Soluble TNF in Tumor Microenvironment (TME) to Reverse Resistance to Immunotherapy
Date and Time: June 13, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.
Location: Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, MA

About INmune Bio, Inc.
INmune Bio Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing new immunotherapies that reprogram a patient’s innate immune system to allow the immune system to fight cancer. Our drug candidates, INKmuneTM and INB03, can be used alone or with conventional therapies to help eliminate disease in a wide variety of cancers. They can also boost the effectiveness of other immunotherapies designed to enhance immune response to specific tumors.

The development of new immunotherapies is revolutionizing cancer care. INmune Bio is at the forefront of that revolution with novel products that take the brakes off of the most powerful weapon in the fight against cancer: the patient’s immune system.

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