LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA (February 27, 2018) – via NetworkWire – INmune Bio, Inc., a cancer immunotherapy company focused on developing therapies that harness the patient’s innate immune system to attack their cancer, today announced that company CEO and President RJ Tesi, M.D., will present a company overview at the following upcoming March 2018 conferences:

LD Micro Virtual Conference

25th Annual Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry Conference

  • Date and Time: Friday, March 23rd at 11:15 a.m. ET
  • Venue: Millennium Broadway Hotel & Conference Center in New York, NY

Dr. Tesi’s presentation at the LD Micro Virtual Conference will be available via live webcast and will also be archived on the Company’s website at

About INmune Bio, Inc. 

INmune Bio, Inc. is a private clinical-stage biotechnology company developing therapies targeting the innate immune system in cancer. INmune Bio is developing two products platforms that reengineer the patient’s innate immune system’s response to their cancer, INKmune and INB03. INKmune is an NK cell therapeutic that primes the patient’s NK cells to attack their cancer. INB03 inhibits myeloid derived suppressor cells, which often cause resistance to immunotherapy, such as anti-PD1 checkpoint inhibitors. INmune Bio’s product platforms reprogram the patient’s innate immune system to help it attack their cancer. The platforms can be used alone or as part of combination therapy to treat a wide variety of hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. To learn more, please visit

INmune Bio Contact:

David Moss, CFO
(858) 964-3720
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LHA Investor Relations
Anne Marie Fields
Senior Vice President
(212) 838-3777
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